MFLB Desktop Power Adaptor

MFLB Desktop Power AdaptorThe good folks at Magic-Flight has released the beta version of the Magic Flight Launch Box desktop power adapter.  The Beta versions costs $59 and $5 for flat rate shipping, a total of $64 dollars, directly from the manufacturer. Read more and order it from Magic-Flights product page. Magic-Flight states that it may take up to several weeks to deliver because these beta versions are hand made. I’m personally undecided on this product because I love the MFLB because of its portability. However, this product will do a great job of combating two problems with the MFLB: dead batteries and facilitating vapor sessions with many friends. With the power adapter, you can continue vaping without worrying about dead batteries; which is especially a problem when you have 3-4+ friends whom all want to use the MFLB.  Overall, I’m excited to see MFLB innovation. I give the folks at Magic-Flight props. If the MFLB is you main vaporizer, this is great chance to maximize utility.

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