Magic-Flight Batteries

FAQs on the MFLB Batteries:

The magic flight vaporizer uses rechargeable batteries with the outer skin pealed off. Maha Powerex Imedion batteries are currently shipped with the magic flight launch box. If you are planning on buying extra batteries they don’t necessarily need to be the same brand, but, they do need to be AA NiMH rechargeable batteries 2000+. Different brands have different sizes, and it has been reported that some batteries don’t fit as wells as others.

How long does one battery last?

Depending on the amount of herb used, how browned you like your herbs, and the type of battery used. The rule of thumb for the Magic Flight Launch Box is one battery to one chamber, (about .15-.2 grams). The MFLB only comes with two batteries, so that’s about two sessions without charging. If that isn’t enough for one day, you should consider buying extras. Only having two batteries makes it tough to show the real power of this vape off to friends.

Can I use regular AA batteries with the Magic Flight Launch Box?

No. They must be AA NiMH rechargeable batteries with a charge of over 2000 with the skin peeled off. Any AA NiMH 2000+ rechargeable battery will work. My magic flight launch box was shipped with the Maha Powerex Imedion batteries and they work very well.

Will any battery work with any charger?

No. You need to be careful. There are two main types of NiMH rechargeable batteries: Low-self Discharge (LSD) and High-self discharge (HSD). LSD is the type that comes with the magic flight. I recommend you get LSD so you have consistency. If you use LSD in a fast charger 15 min charger that is made for a HSD battery you will damage your battery. You should make sure the extra batteries and charger you are considering work with each other and the magic flight.

Benefits to Low Self Discharge (LSD NiMH Maha Powerex Imedion)

-Same type of battery that comes with the original vaporizer

-Holds a charge in standby for a long time. (Months)

-Safe bet as it has been proven to work with the MFLB

-You don’t need to buy a charger

-You already have two of them with purchase of the MFLB

-They fit well in the MFLB

Benefits of High Self Discharge

-Holds more battery life (marginal)

-Can be used in 15 min charger

-Stronger battery power

-But over time it loses its charge, it needs to be topped off. (Loses power within days.)

Bad with Batteries?

Maybe you should pick a different vaporizer. I recommend the vapor genie, which a cheaper but comparable vaporizer. Check out my review site at With the vapor genie you can buy lighters and your vaporizer will still be portable.

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